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SITE123 Anmeldelser og anbefalinger

Tilfredse anmeldelser fra vores kunder. Lær hvorfor SITE123 er den rigtige webstedsskaber for dig!

"If you are a beginner and want the easiest, most professional, web-building site - then this is the one. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The customer support is brilliant. I am in the UK but they replied to my query on a Sunday. A wide selection of templates which are very adaptable plus new features regularly being added. Very cost-effective hosting. Simply the best. Peter Murray, CEO, Goldfella ltd."
Peter Murray Review Country Flag
"This is BY FAR, the easiest and most user-friendly website designer that I have dealt with. The technicians on the help chat are above professional and make it so easy to create an awesome website. Once I found SITE123, I quit looking!"
Christi Prettyman Review Country Flag
"Amazing Support Team! I had never ever attempted to set up my own e-commerce online website/store prior to this. I had no idea where to start and had lots and lots of questions. I was able to easily set up this site because of the 24/7 support team. Any questions I had, and there were a lot of them, were handled literally within a couple minutes. Their team is professional, helpful and always made me feel like a priority."
Bonnie Hutchinson Review Country Flag
"I have tried most of the hosting sites available. When I found SITE123 I realized I had found everything I needed. One of the features I have appreciated is the outstanding tech support. The tech chat is fast and efficient and I feel respected and heard without any judgment. I recommend SITE123 to anyone who will listen"
Michael Kreidler Review Country Flag
"I would highly recommend hosting a website with this company. I had issues with transferring my information from another hosting site to here, and SITE123 helped me step by step. I chose SITE123 instead of a couple of others based on the very quick response and help within minutes. Do not hesitate with SITE123!"
Jessica Coronado Review Country Flag
"This is the best builder around. Try it, it is free, not pretend free, until your done building, it is actually free to build. Lots of great pictures, tools, and support. SITE123 is the best and most affordable brand-friendly site builder around, and we reviewed several. They have the most comprehensive image library and modern templates available."
Leena Bella Mayo Review Country Flag
"Being a relative novice in terms of starting and building a website I have found the experience rather enjoyable thanks to the help and support from the team at SITE123. All my questions were answered promptly and professionally and they got me up and running in no time. Highly recommended from my experience!"
Sandy Batten Review Country Flag
"Simple to use but the result looks sophisticated and professional. The online chat assistants are efficient and extremely helpful. Does everything I need and more, without being too complicated to edit. Recommend this to anyone, even if you have no computing experience."
Rachel Review Country Flag
"I absolutely love the online chat support! The website creation is easy to navigate but when I ran into an issue or a question it was so remarkable to gain immediate assistance from the online support team. I did not have to wait for 24 or 48 hours to receive my answer. The website looks amazing and it is nice that I can always go back and edit according to my current needs."
Mike Torres Review Country Flag
"A professional, modern design tool suitable for anyone. A very easy website design tool! Websites can be set up in less than an hour, with professional designs and modern looking formats. Staff are ALWAYS available 24/7 and have always been able to help me. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of SITE123."
Nathan at Arealm Media Review Country Flag
"SITE123 is fantastic. I highly recommend their product and service offering. I did a lot of research on comparable competitors and decided to go with SITE123 for its ease of use. I'm not a techie, a designer and in fact, I usually struggle with both activities. However, I found SITE123 very easy to use and when I did get stuck the customer service was second to none. I had my full website completed over a couple of days. The 24hour service is an incredible offering and at all times there was someone to help me with top class tips and advice. It really feels like someone is holding your hand all the way through. The end product looks top class and I have already received lots of compliments of its design. I'm so thankful for SITE123 and their tremendous agents. I saved a lot of time and money by using SITE123 instead of going to a traditional web designer. I'm a very happy customer."
Avril Mulcahy Review Country Flag
"The Help from SITE123 is truly amazing. They are available 24/7, and they answer within 2 minutes (or less!) when you contact them via their Live Chat service. I could get answers to my questions in real-time while I was creating my website. Because I am hopelessly computer illiterate, I am sure I was asking the most asinine questions: however, the SITE123 Helpers were very patient with me. I was able to get a very decent website built in 2 days, which is amazing because I am an artist & I had TONS of images and descriptions to upload. Once I completed the website, the SITE123 Helpers assisted me with adding some basic SEO for my website, which is really useful. What I love about their website builder is that they don't have tons of bells & whistles to over-complicate the process. The resulting website is clean, concise, and attractive. I couldn't ask for more!"
Linda Salamon Review Country Flag
"Hands down recommendable! This builder is pretty hassle-free and fast. If you're not savvy like me, this is hands down the website builder for you. I definitely recommend it! The online support team is also amazing!"
Ozee Review Country Flag
"I recently switched my web provider to SITE123 earlier this year and to be perfectly honest I have had more support from the Guys at SITE123 in a few months then I had in 5 years with the previous service. In 5 years with the other provider, I had not one sale and no help on what the problem was, while I am on 3 selling sites including Amazon & business is great. I am no web designer & need all the help I can get. With the guys from SITE123 the guys are there 24/7 to help, they are friendly, helpful & very knowledgeable on every aspect of Web Sites & believe me I have contacted them often. I would recommend SITE123 for cost, support and friendly staff, best thing I did switching to SITE123."
Sue Potts Review Country Flag
"I had SITE123 recommended to me and am extremely pleased that I signed up with you. Your support team offer exceptionally good customer support and helped me through some issues I had as a complete newbie to website creation. I am already recommending you to everyone I know who is looking into website creation. Thank you SITE123."
Susan Baty-Symes Review Country Flag
"I'm no techie, but with the help of your online help team, I was able to create my own website. Your team was patient with me throughout the whole process; they not only had to explain to me what things were but had to paraphrase so I could understand the basic concept behind them. They often had to explain some things to me several times before I got it. I never thought I would be able to launch a webpage (website?), but now I'm running an online business!! Thank you SITE123."
Katy Review Country Flag
"Great price and product, support staff were surprisingly helpful and quick to respond. Absolutely recommend to anyone who is creating their first website or looking to transform their existing site with these clean templates."
Elliot Creighton Review Country Flag
"Love, love, love my website! As an attorney starting my solo practice, I was looking for a site that was easy to build and for the right price. SITE123 exceeded my expectations!"
Paulette Review Country Flag
"SITE123 has literally helped one of my dreams come true. Amazingly easy to use, creativity to take priority, and updating/editing is beyond simple. The support team is excellent, their priority is making sure you get the help you need to create the best site you envision. Excellent."
Angie Reno Review Country Flag
"I researched many websites before selecting SITE123. I made the best decision as I have been able to build a professional yet unique website and whenever I have needed help I have been able to contact an online adviser who always has been able to explain to me how to solve my problem. They have used screenshots and clear instructions to help me enable features and given me additional advice to on many occasions!"
Affy Review Country Flag
"SITE123 is Excellent and Easy! The site is beautiful and easy to set up - even for me! I have used the chat often to ask questions and the team is very friendly and helpful. Only once was there something that needed to look into deeper and team fixed it within 24 hours. Very impressed! And everyone loves my site."
Nicole Rousseau Review Country Flag
"This website building support company is very helpful. Things are easy if you get instant feedback and different people giving you advice on how to meet your ends. There might be other similar companies, yes. I decided to take this since they have a name that I can cope with. so, I would not be bothered by their appearance. Names have a meaning. Also, I like the degree of confidence they show towards their customers."
Gisa Jaehnichen Review Country Flag
"Impressive! I have been really impressed with SITE123. I knew absolutely nothing about websites when I wanted to post my poetry online. I built a really easy blog site to post my poetry and the customer advice peeps were so helpful. I am now making e-commerce site for my sacred geometry jewelry and once again, slowly but surely SITE123 have been so helpful in guiding me to do it myself and am about to go live with it. I couldn't have got this far without their excellent online guides and easy to reach online chat staff."
Pete Townsend Review Country Flag
"A great system backed up by a group of pro's, that helped me closely through the process. 24/7 service, while not a must- is definitely a great feature to have, and it adds to the confidence and trust in the system."
Allen Gill Review Country Flag
"SITE123 is the most friendly and intuitive site builder I tried, it has so many options, but still a very simple interface. I built my site in no time, and I love it, the support is excellent and immediate. Highly recommend."
Sharon Ledem-Shanny Review Country Flag
"Being a complete novice and having tried other web builders I found SITE123. So glad I did the whole process is easy but when you stumble on a problem the on-line help is terrific. No hesitation in giving 5 Stars"
Paul Downes Review Country Flag
"I have been a customer of SITE123 for 3 months now and can say with confidence that they are a pretty efficient and well organized online business. The customer support is second to none and is as good after you begin as a customer as it was whilst trying to secure my business. They are a nice movement away from Wordpress themes in my opinion. The site loads quickly and they are adding enhancements and updates all the time. I would recommend you try them."
Elizabeth Review Country Flag
"I find SITE123 very user-friendly! When I did get stuck on something and couldn't find out how to solve it, the online support was the best!"
Bobbie Menneg Review Country Flag
"Does everything I need. The editor is logical and clear. Page layouts are well designed. Customer support has been excellent; online chat and email support. I'm on the basic package which is good value for the year."
Ariana Maurice Review Country Flag
"SITE123 is amazing in its simplicity to perfection. It offers everything I had hoped for in its content, price, and help in everything you need to know in setting up a truly professional website. Thank you so much."
Terry Sewell Review Country Flag
"We are happy that we chose SITE123. You answered every question confidently and thoroughly. We have no doubt that we will get our targets due to your hard work and clear, concise explanations at different phases of building our website. Thank you for spending the time to make sure that we were represented in such a professional way. Kudos to SITE123!"
Liz and Aurelio Review Country Flag
"I was looking for a trustworthy web company online and I came across SITE123 since then I have had a wonderful experience. With 0-0 experience in web design and development, their team of experts is always looking forward to helping you no matter the time of the day. I recommend you to use their services is a one-click experience you won't regret. You don't need an experience in web design all you need is log in and experience the process of trust."
Debbah Greene Review Country Flag
"I do recommend to use SITE123 for many reasons. It was very easy to create the website even for me who is not very experienced at work with IT. There is a good team always ready to give any support and help immediately and they are very patient as well. I feel they care a lot about me and are keen on helping me sorting the problem. It is a great experience for me to work with these guys and they give me the confidence to develop my website the way I really want. I don't feel shy to ask anything... They are helping me to turn my ideas into the real project worldwide. I hope I will work with them for a long time!"
Dana Micková Review Country Flag
"Quickest and most easy website building SITE123. So easy to set up and get published your own website. It took me just 20 minutes. And their customer support is so responsive and right to the point. I have tried many different website builders but nothing can come even close. Also, there are many non-English languages to choose from and that feature works like a charm."
Fidel K Review Country Flag
"Easy To Use - Great Features and Support! I recently set up trial accounts on 5 of the most popular web building systems. I selected site123 initially because I liked the fact that you don't have search through hundreds of mostly ugly templates. Instead, the system lets you choose the style you want and then you select the images, text background you want to use. It's so much easier and you get a nice result quickly. I have a service biz and this system had all the features and functionality I needed including online appointment booking. Their support team is fantastic. As soon as you open the site back-end to work on it, there is a chat window with a tech standing by ready to help you with anything. This system receives my highest recommendations."
Marc Review Country Flag
"Excellent site for self-construction. Excellent team for ongoing training. Responsiveness is available and professionalism is extraordinary. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to build a website easily and almost without expenses. It's amazing how beautiful, sophisticated and yet so simple to build. Thank you very much to Sally."
Nahum Sivan Review Country Flag
"I was quoted over $2,000 to build a simple 5-page website for our Government Contracting business. Frustrated, I searched through the standard list of plug-and-play websites. I opened three tries before you buy accounts, including one with SITE123. SITE123 rose to the top. Simple. Fast. Responsive. Intuitive. Instant customer service. My site was up in minutes, looks great, and makes us money. A big THANK YOU to the SITE123 team!!!"
Raymond Gonzalez Review Country Flag
"I decided to build a website for my Accommodation, Akatere Lodge. SITE123 suited my needs perfectly. I have had a great deal of fun building the website. I particularly like the way I can change things to suit my needs. I had a few problems in the beginning, but I found that the support staff were truly excellent and patient, which was needed as I am such an amateur. Well done to the SITE123 team. I also found the price reasonable. I totally recommend this site."
Dina Meyer Review Country Flag
"I started with SITE123 in January this year. It is easy to set up. The help team are brilliant, always on hand 24/7 and do more than just answer the questions you have. They go above and beyond. I highly recommend SITE123"
Jan Cadogan Review Country Flag
"SITE123 has The Best customer service I have experienced so far. And I mean it. It is the most accurate 5-star review I have given for any online customer service. I hope they keep it up as they grow. Thank you very much."
Pasha Review Country Flag
"Every time I've needed advice I've not been disappointed by any of the staff I've chatted to. Live chat has been excellent with quick and accurate advice. A1 service from SITE123. The website was easy to develop and our church is very happy as we are now visible to many"
Bob Purcell Review Country Flag
"Super friendly website building with SITE123! Building a website with SITE123 is simple and fun, even for a total beginner like me. The user interface is logical and you get the hang of it almost instantly. I can't compare it to any other free website platforms since I don't have experience of them, but one big bonus for SITE123 is their helpdesk. You get answers promptly (don't they ever sleep?) and they are always super friendly and helpful."
Mika Railo Review Country Flag
"The website was easy to use and create a website for my small business. I have some issues with publishing and within minutes everything was fixed thanks to the support team. Easy and quick response from staff."
N. Alvarez Review Country Flag
"Very happy with the results and with your awesome support team. My site is excellent. Thanks"
Howard Baron Review Country Flag
"To be honest, I like the customer service for them, these guys they are FAST to respond to your request! keep it up."
Mohamad Karkadan Review Country Flag
"Always Straight to the point. Always available and quick to give relevant answers!"
Gavin Setshedi Review Country Flag
"I had a very good experience with SITE123. It was very easy to maneuver thru, making it very easy to create my site. The help was constantly available to assist me with whatever problem I ran into."
Side by Side Review Country Flag
"The ease and simplicity of use were really important to me as a beginner, so SITE 123 was great for that. The customer service is really amazing, so when I get confused or stumped, they immediately are available to help me. That's pretty awesome. My friends and clients are very impressed with how professional my website looks, so I'm very happy with my choice to use SITE123. They're great."
Cathy Review Country Flag
"Great site for creating a new way for your business to reach others."
Denice Bradsher Review Country Flag
"This was my first try at a website and I found it easy to use and if I had any questions they were happy to answer within minutes. Can't recommend it enough."
Martin Cameron Review Country Flag
"With no experience in website building, I looked around and took up trials with a number of website builders. SITE123 was by the far the easiest to navigate with the end result being a really professional website. All of the staff team are impressed with the service for a very fair annual cost. I had issues with connecting our own domain and the SITE123 support staff helped resolve this within an hour. Great stuff !!"
Clare-Louise Mussell Review Country Flag
"When the software provider stopped the package I had previously used, I searched around for an alternative and in the process found SITE123. I am SO glad I decided to go down that route! I'm certainly no expert when it comes to website creation and I was very grateful for the helpful and empathic assistance given by various members of SITE123's online chat staff during the process of creating our site. Thank you SITE123. Do I recommend your website creation package and your Company? YES, I most certainly do."
Caves & Castles Review Country Flag
"Easy to use, good UX/UI for non-technical knowledge like me."
Tom Review Country Flag
"I am a new customer. I have been very impressed with the level of customer service and the prompt solutions given. Highly recommend this company."
Robert Williamson Review Country Flag
"The site was easy to build and their help team was, indeed, extremely helpful."
Nicky Review Country Flag
"Easy to use, intuitive website builder and what is best, immediately and competent response from helpdesk! I truly recommend it."
Gerhard Walter Review Country Flag
"Very quick response from customer service. They are knowledgeable and polite. Highly recommend."
Olga Ward Review Country Flag
"You are the best and excellent. I found SITE123 and still find the support so kind and so helpful with fast reactions. I searched for a long time to design my website and I faced many problems during this. I was in contact with other web designers. After a while, I found your website which saves me and it was so easy to build, publish and contact. Your support team is really so perfect and an excellent team. Thank you so so much for everything."
Sam Fahd Review Country Flag
"Awesome, Fantastic smooth going with an accurate support team, that works tirelessly 24/7!"
Sam Sesay Review Country Flag
"SITE 123 is easy to use, user-friendly with outstanding service! Great site, service and helpful advice, thanks!"
Louis Pinder Review Country Flag
"Fast efficient on-hand assistance available for a non-IT person like me!"
Rika Herbst Review Country Flag
"SITE123 - Awesome Site Builder! I have to say I chose SITE123 for its ease of use, excellent in-depth features. They continually update features, the archive of pictures is amazing and the support via email is just incredible. So pleased I made the choice to use SITE123, great people, and wonderful service. Thanks, guys :)"
Barnaby Review Country Flag
"Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone."
Georgos Georgiou Review Country Flag
"Amazing 24/7 support with great results. Being a novice, I had initial issues with designing a web page. The live help was outstanding and unlike some other live help via chat where you wait in for your turn or live chat to come online, SITE123 support staff were there 24/7 and came online in seconds. Yes, I had teething problems, but help was always there. I now have a site that I'm proud to own and looking back, was relatively easy to accomplish. I have seen other provider sites and I think SITE123 is very comparable, but what stands out is the exceptional support to help even the most inexperienced to make a site that is impressive and professional."
Anthony Review Country Flag
"SITE123 was as easy as that! It was just the type of web platform we were looking for to promote a non-for profit organization. The support team was excellent in helping us set up the website and the more advanced features. Whenever we've had a question the team was there in less than a minute with the right advice for us to grow our audience and ensure that we were making optimal use of its features. The platform is so easy to use, edit and is really intuitive for the complete novice. Everything you need for any type of organization or business is there. I have only received excellent reviews from those who visit our website. SITE123 is also great value for money for the 24/7 support they offer and the quality of the product. Personally, I'm so impressed with how great everything looks. I'm definitely going to be using SITE123 again to be the shop window to promote my own businesses."
Robin White Review Country Flag
"Quick and clear answers plus easy to maneuver site! They are always there to answer questions and answer clearly so that info is easy to follow. It is also the easiest site I have found to maneuver easily."
Mary Ann Bencivengo Review Country Flag
"The site 123 support team is fantastic. Very quick to respond, and very quick to solve the problem and get it right. This level of customer service is rare these days. First-rate guys, keep it up!!! Nigel Burgess"
Nigel Burgess Review Country Flag
"I recently signed up for a professional package with SITE123 to build a business website for a new business. This was the first proper website I have built. I knew what I wanted but without prior experience, it was a big challenge to know what to do. The support team at SITE123 have been available throughout and have given me excellent support to build what is definitely a professional website. Thanks for the excellent service irrespective of the time of day, because I work late at night and into the early morning. Most importantly for me, I appreciate how the different people easily take over a conversation that I started with someone else. Keep up the good work!"
Theophilus Nkone Review Country Flag
"I am very glad to use this, I have tried other website builders and they are not as good as this. SITE123 let me create the website as I wanted it to be and provided me with features new that will help me engage better with my commentators. I am thrilled to be a part of their affiliate program and win so much from it, as I am sharing this and they offer me one of the best prices out there I would say. Seriously, I will at least get 50$ per purchase and that helps a lot even though some features are indeed missing from the platform but I am taking hope that they are going to be added sooner or later. I am planning on staying with you guys a lot. Thank you SO SO SO much. And give a raise to your support team as they have beared with me A- LOT. Thank you a lot, I am greatly honored."
Anna Papadaki Review Country Flag
"When I started in blogging,I've tried other platforms but only for free trials.No plan to upgrade because they have no 24/7 customer support. There was one time,its been around 2:00 AM in the morning,I've tried searching "best website builder" on Google. The SITE123 appeared on the results then read the features. Wow they have free plan forever and 24/7 customer support. I signed up and create my own site without coding skills. Even free plan but you can start blogging right away. You can create as many sites you want in one account then upgrade each of them to premium plan to have a domain. After that,my site has been upgraded from basic,advanced then jump to professional plan. I've created my new site TravelookAsia.Com which is in the Gold Plan, the highest plan from SITE123 website builder and launched last March 14, 2018. All features provided, fast loading speed with the highest storage, 24/7 live chat if there are any technical problems with real-time upgrade after you've made a payment online. SITE123 brings me a fortune this year 2018 because there are many affiliate companies approved my application, yet I earned a decent income. I have one word to say: "I have to stick with this company because my site here is secure, I like the features and the chat agents are responsive.""
Belito B. Mapaa Review Country Flag
"Sometimes you just need to take that little leap of faith and be amazed... I've self-hosted before... with family life, I just didn't have the time to finish what I had started from the ground up. I've been in the I.T. sphere for over 20+ years and sometimes married/family life takes precedence.... so when it came time to invest my money and time... after researching the ins and outs of various alternatives (incl this company)... a decision was made to proceed with SITE123. How has my experience been so far?? - well here goes... 1. Much easier to use than larger known platforms. 2. It took me about a week between family/school life to get my site up and running (that's pretty good considering 9 months learning a new platform that was self-hosted through a hosting company that I had to install/configure etc). 3. Any time I needed support (while minimal).... online support was answered within a timely manner... no hanging on with online chat for hours upon hours just to get to speak to someone at the front of the line... 4. Any time I needed to speak with a representative, they were all technically conversant... so no filtering or being passed through to different queues... and if I were... it was seamless... 5. While you pay for what you get... as in services, functionality, features... most of the larger sites operate the same as SITE123 I've found. 6. While SITE123 may be a little unknown to the likes of the larger self-hosted sites ... I'm glad I made the decision.... sometimes you just need to take that little leap of faith and be amazed..."
Papyrus Review Country Flag
"Lately, I have contacted the site admin for technical, I would my experience with them was good. They are prompt and efficient and ready for the customer!"
Brian Cheng Review Country Flag
"Quick response, courteous and professional service with great assistance and detailed explanations including video and pictures. When I give them an idea or an optimization proposal, I get an explanation that the referral will be forwarded to the development team. 5 STARS!"
Matan Mor Review Country Flag
"Quick response with detailed information. Which is what I need since I am not very computer savvy and I lack patience."
Paul T Thomas Review Country Flag
"Your support team was very patient with me and helped me to work out all the things I didn't understand how to do."
Linda Sanders Review Country Flag
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