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7 Tips To Improve Your SEO Ranking With Fresh Content

These are the best ways to improve your SEO ranking. See how these methods will make your website climb the search results.

A search engine's main goal is to deliver the most relevant content to its users. Search engines "crawl" a website, determine its content and, based on more than 200 factors according to Google, they assign a page rank and order of relevance to your content.

The biggest SEO tips are not just to optimize your website with proper keywords and place some Google Ads but consistently add fresh, high-quality content. If the content is not fresh and meaningful, visitors will not stay long on your site. The amount of fresh content, the amount of traffic your site has, along with how long visitors stay engaged on your site, and whether they recommend it to others - all of these are factors in SEO ranking. Think of SEO ranking as a "popularity" contest and the best content wins.

SEO tips: seven ways to add fresh content

There are many ways to add fresh content because there are many types of content. It does not always have to be a rewrite of your existing web pages or a new article, although those are possibilities.


7 Tips To Improve Your SEO Ranking With Fresh Content

1.  Add videos

This is great content because both people and search engines love them. Make sure you add keyword rich meta information to help the search engines find the video.
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2.  Add an e-book

This can be as simple as grouping several articles together to make a small e-book that you either sell or give away free.

3.  Add fresh blog posts every day

Optimize all of your blog posts for specific keywords so search engines and readers can find them.

4.  Add a forum to your website and optimize all threads within it

Embed links and keywords within posts. Building up forum participation gives you free, fresh content as every individual poster will be adding to the content on your website.

5.  Add live feeds of your social media tweets, Facebook posts, etc. to your homepage

This brings their stream of fresh content to your website and helps increase SEO ranking.

6.  Add a "Press" or "News" page

Add a "Press" or "News" pageand post all of your SEO press releases and news mentions on this page. Even add advertorials and advertisements you may currently have running.

7.  Add a new landing page for individual products or services

Aside from practicing search engine optimization best practices for every page, post, video and forum thread on your website, keeping your content fresh is one of the most valuable things you can do to increase SEO ranking. When you use SITE123 free website builder software, you can easily add forums, blogs and landing pages to your website, exponentially increasing opportunity for fresh content and active engagement. Likes, click-throughs, comments, links and shares all carry weight with search engines. The more active engagement with the public that your website shows the search engines, the higher your SEO ranking will go. All of these behind-the-scenes SEO tips and strategies add value for your readers too - and that is what it is all about.


Fresh content is king and a key to higher SEO ranking

By adding fresh content - at least publishing one new thing daily - you will continuously place your content before the search engines and keep the attention of readers. If someone comes to your website, forum, landing page or online community, a couple of times and everything is still the same as the first time they came, you have probably lost a reader because they think there is nothing new to learn from you. The search engines respond in a similar manner: no fresh content, no recommendations for more traffic.

On the opposite side of that coin, if you continuously ping search engines with your new content, fresh articles, videos, e-books, landing pages, press releases and social media content, then they are enticed to crawl your site again and again. They will index the new content and hopefully build your position as an authoritative source in the process.
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